Promotion on TikTok

קידום באפליקציית טיקטוק
The app that drove the world nuts- Tiktok

TikTok is a relatively new social network. It was launched first in China in 2016 and then about two years later in the rest of the world, and soon became a huge success. As of July 2020, the app has about 700 million users in one hundred and fifty countries, and 1.7 billion daily views, and it has certainly taken a place of honor in the app world. The app allows users to share short videos of 15 to 60 seconds in a repeating loop. You’d probably think there are already enough apps for sharing videos, but it seems that TikTok has managed to bring new levels of entertainment, while mixing music and cool features such as duets and challenges.The concept seems to be a huge success and some say that the app is really addictive.And with its popularity, many are interested in promoting on TikTok. When promoting on a social network it’s important to understand the audience’s characteristics. TikTok’s audience is mostly young, but you can definitely find there people of all ages.

Who needs promotion on TikTok

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Most people install the app in order to watch and enjoy entertaining videos and pass the time. Some people choose to make content just for fun, but some choose to invest in the matter and become influencers, who can make TikTok an actual source of income. In fact, the account with the largest number of followers on Instagram doesn’t belong to any footballer or a corporation with huge advertising budgets, but to a dancer named Charli D’Amelio who has got a crazy amount of 87 million followers! For comparison, the NBA has 11.7 million followers and it’s considered the brand with the largest number of followers. And alongside influencers we can also find many celebrities who are using Tiktok as an additional channel for self-promotion. And of course, there are many businesses that promote themselves and their products in different and creative ways. This can be done through an official account of the brand, but in many cases the brand goes through the back door. No matter what strategy you choose and for what purpose, if you want to succeed you need promotion on Tiktok.

With Tiktok you can direct online traffic to websites, gain followers on your accounts on other social networks, promote products, build a brand and image, or achieve any other purpose you choose. It’s important to remember that that the quantity of followers isn’t the only thing that’s important, but also their quality. If you’re targeting a local market, you don’t need ten million of followers. In order to be successful on a smaller market you need to have local followers.

How to succeed on TikTok

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Those who show creativity and sophistication can succeed in TikTok and get a lot of exposure and even go viral. Note that the leading accounts in Tiktok are actually those of amateur users. This means that you don’t need huge budgets in order to produce successful videos. TikTok users are looking for originality and creativity. But there is a long way to go from just opening a TikTok account and uploading a video, to success by having views and shares.

As in any social network – success brings more success. The more interactions and responses you receive from your audience, the more exposure you will get. This is exactly why you need a boost for your TikTok account, so you can have a successful first step that will help you gain a lot of exposure in the app, and thus advance your marketing goals.

When users enter the application, they immediately enter the viewing screen of the videos. They get to see the videos from the accounts that they follow, alongside popular videos that may interest them in the ‘For You’ tab. This is where you will want to get to in order to gain exposure, but the paradox is that without a basic level of popularity you won’t get there. And we can solve this problem for you with TikTok promotion services.

Videos that get a lot of views on TikTok also get shares on other social networks and instant messaging apps, which definitely makes the investment worthwhile! It pays off to succeed on TikTok.

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