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Want to know how to get more Instagram followers easily in 2022?

A new year means another year of creating content to get more followers. And, what better app than Instagram to do so? The rise in the popularity of Instagram has provided a creative platform for everyone to express themselves and make a profession out of it. Becoming a social media influencer is the trend these days but its not easy as it seems. That’s why we are listing the ways on how to get Instagram followers easily in 2022.

Tips to get More Instagram followers:

Building a Brand Image

Be clear about what your page/account is about. Mentioning this in the bio itself will help the user know if they want to follow you or not. The rest of your feed should also say the same thing. This is how you create a brand image of yourself which helps you to be different from other accounts. This gives a reason to your existing followers and other new ones to keep following you.

Find your Target Audience

It is not easy to create content that would appeal to age groups. So, it is necessary that you as well as your posts make it clear which age group you’re trying to connect to. Teens are the easiest age group to target given the amount of time they spend on the internet. Talking about adulting, work-life balance, their pros and cons in your posts will resonate with people in their 20s.

Follow a Schedule to Post

Be consistent in uploading. This is a great way to keep your followers engaged on your account. They will wait for you to post and visit your profile more often. This increases the chance of your post appearing on the explore page. Your account will reach a larger audience and you will gain followers. Update about new posts on stories but cover it. To see what you’ve posted, users will click on it and reach your page increasing profile visits and likes. If you have a budget, click to buy Instagram likes.

Keep a Track of your Insights of your Posts

Firstly, turn your account into a professional one on Instagram. Now, you will be able to see an insights option on your profile. Through this feature, you can check insights of every post and its reach. Whether it’s getting more engagement from explore, hashtags, story shares, saves or other. Whichever it turns out to be, apply that method to lesser engagement showing posts. At the same time, figure out how to reach users through the methods which didn’t show a higher interaction. All of this plays an important role in how to get more and real Instagram followers. This method also applies to single posts which will help you keep a track of which type of post attracts more users and is receiving more engagement.

Regular Interaction through Stories

Instagram stories reach people more often than posts because they are the first thing to appear on the top of the timeline. The more recent it is, more the number of views. This means uploading stories within a fixed interval like one or two hours will help you reach more people. Keep the sharing option on in your stories so the viewers can share with others and indirectly, help you to gain followers easily. Using hashtags in stories also increases your reach.

We all bad, stressful days. If on such a day, you weren’t able to post. Let your followers know the reason behind your inactivity instead of them thinking you aren’t serious about your account.

Be Real, Be You

This is a time taking process but it helps because people look for not just entertaining content but also relatable ones. Your page should reflect you as a person on a genuine level. Your users should know that you’re real and not a bot. This also adds to your brand image. You will get real Instagram followers as well as real Instagram likes.

Go for an Aesthetic Look

It can be pastel colors, bright colors, sepia tones, vintage vibes or a mixture of all of them. You can even create a new aesthetic to make your feed appeal to the eyes of the users visiting your account. Many users end up following an account only for its visuals. Use this to your advantage.

Make Highlights for Important Information

Highlights are Instagram stories that you want to keep on your profile for more than 24 hours. They are used mostly to keep personal information, brand information, achievements, places travelled, watch lists and etc. Using an apt icon as the highlight cover acts like a guide to your page for users. For example, if its watched list, choosing a television icon that goes with the theme of your account is beneficial.

Putting Up Polls & Quizzes on Stories

Instagram offers a wide variety of story features. Using them makes your followers feel included in the making of your page. Posting their suggestions or playing some interactive game through such stories helps form a bond between your followers and you as well as your page.

Update your Content to Latest Trends

Keeping up with the trends is really important. Because this helps bring more people to your page hence, increasing your reach.

Be Sensitive

Always present a neutral stance when talking about politics, government or anything of these sorts in your posts. Do not force your opinion on anyone or let anyone else do the same on your account. This way you’ll be creating a safe space and your followers will feel you’re on their side. Inclusivity creates a sense of belonging in people who in turn, will share your page with others. Thus, you will get more Instagram followers.

The above stated methods are some ways for you to be more popular as well as get more Instagram followers easily in 2022.