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Instagram hashtag

How to Hashtag on Instagram and Avoid Common Mistakes?

Active social media users must have come across the concept of hashtag on Instagram. You may have already known that a web-shaped icon (#) allows users to draw the attention of their followers to the pictures and videos found on their Instagram page.

If you’ve never encountered this term and would like to promote your own, or your business, Instagram page, you need to get to know it because the hashtag is a powerful tool for attracting new followers and likes. The hashtag on Instagram is the best way to attract new followers and likes to your Instagram page.

How to Hashtag on Instagram:

· Write a word or a short phrase without spaces
· Put # before the phrase and press the space bar.
Now your phrase has become a link and if you click it, you can see the posts of other users who marked them with the same hashtag on Instagram
· You can tag one post in a few words or phrases.
· On Instagram you can leave a maximum of 30 hashtags under one post.
· Don’t use long phrases – in order to attract attention it’s enough to make an expression up to fifteen letters.
What’s the hashtag good for?
Instagram users put special “#” ladder-shaped tags in posts or pictures on their Instagram page.

האשטאג באינסטגרם

Such tagging makes it possible to organize information on the page in order to make it more accessible for interested parties and helps followers find relevant content quickly.
For business owners, this way of tagging will help sort out the personal news by using posts with specific tags.

Also, for example, using the hashtag will help conduct a survey among potential customers before launching a new advertising campaign or responding in time to the activity generated under the relevant hashtag for the business.

How to Use Hashtags on Instagram?האשטאג באינסטגרם

This tagging method is widely used for personal purposes as well as for advertising various products and services.

Hashtags are a type of tool that allows users to find the content they want on a social network. When the # symbol appears in front of a word in the text, that word immediately takes on the status of a hyperlink. In this way the hashtags are used on all popular social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Important! You can not copy the same tags under each post, as Instagram will see this as spam and it will not be shown to users after publication.

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Types of Instagram Hashtagsהאשטאג באינסטגרם

Content hashtag

One of the most effective tools for promoting a page on Instagram. When creating a content tag, it must fully reflect the essence of the post on Instagram and be relevant to it.
Subject to this condition, the flow of targeted visitors will increase significantly;

Brand hashtag.

For many, this can be considered a “personal signature” of a brand or a business card of a company. It works for successful companies that have gained some fame in the market, and also for new companies that are just trying to get started and be heard.

Geographic hashtags

Geotagging is the most famous search engine on Instagram.
These icons clearly indicate the city (or country, street, location, etc.) and help determine the exact location of where the post was placed;
Junk tags. The type of promotion that should be used with extreme caution. Excessive use of the type of hashtags can lead to user blocking.

For example: #likeforlike # like4like #liketime #followme,
and more.

Trending hashtags

Instagram is a dynamic social network and evolves every day so in order to be a successful user, there is

a need to stay up-to-date and constantly monitor the latest news, trends, and relevance of your content. Adding a trending hashtag to your post can significantly increase the amount of likes and profile views.

Common Mistakes in Using Hashtags on Instagramהאשטאג באינסטגרם

Instagram is one of the few social networks where hashtags are used very actively.

This is why people who promote an Instagram business are required to know how to use hashtags correctly and avoid mistakes. The hashtags are an important aspect of drawing attention to the Instagram page.

Often, people don’t fully understand Instagram’s algorithm, or disregard it, So when using hashtags they make a lot of mistakes that negatively affect the promotion of their Instagram pages:

1. Overuse of Instagram hashtags

Often, business accounts advertise a lot of hashtags, hoping it will create traffic. But unfortunately, the more hashtags there are, the more the user sets the system up against himself. Using a lot of hashtags can lead Instagram to conclude that you are a spammer.

2. Excessive use of popular hashtags

Another common mistake. It’s best to use less popular but original hashtags that accurately describe your business. There will be fewer likes, but more customers.

3. The same hashtags in each post.

Using the same hashtags in many posts can also indicate spam. The penalty can be serious, even the blocking of the page.

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