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How do likes increase your Facebook page exposure?

How do Facebook Likes Increase Your Page’s Exposure?

Buying likes for a Facebook page

So how do Facebook likes increase your page exposure?

Here’s an example that serves to illustrate the importance of likes and their impact on page exposure and popularity:

Imagine spending time in a food market. You are hungry, want to enjoy a good dish and wonder what to eat. Around you, there are food stalls with long lines and there are also food stalls with no customers. You will probably disregard the empty stalls (“If no one’s standing there, the food’s probably not that good”), and choose to stand in line for a more popular stall …

And how does all this relate to Facebook likes and exposure? The users who are interested in your product or service, learn about you and your brand through the number of followers and the number of likes. There’s no second first impression – even when it comes to a virtual meeting. Therefore, it’s important that you create the ideal conditions and look for future meetings!

Turn your Facebook page into a booth where everyone wants to stand in line for! Facebook likes – why are they so important and should interest you too?

  • Likes contribute to the appearance of the page and the positive feelings that arise in interested users
  • A large number of likes gives the feeling of a living and active page
  • Likes help showing credibility and popularity
  • Likes encourage users to follow and comment = increasing exposure

Increasing Exposure Through Likes – How does it Work?

On one hand, you want great exposure and high engagement on your page. On the other hand, a community of loyal followers on Facebook can’t be achieved in a single day. How can you still maintain a page that has many likes and exposure? Here’s how it works:

  • First of all, if you have not yet opened a business page on Facebook, now’s is the time!
  • Send your friends an invitation to like your business page and enjoy organic followers (friends, family, co-workers and so on).
  • At this point, it’s likely that you may have dozens of followers. How do you proceed?
  • It’s time for a boost! Buying likes for Facebook in order to generate exposure!
  • Note that you can boost the number of followers (page likes) or boost a specific post.

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How do Likes Help Create Exposure?

The first goal is to improve the visibility of your page and posts. The users (those who at this stage don’t follow you, but only look at your page), are assessing you based on the “traffic” on your page. With a boost of Facebook likes, a chain reaction is created that propels your page. How does it work?

  • You’re getting a boost of likes by buying likes for Facebook or Instagram – to the number of followers on the page and the number of posts.
  • Those interested in entering the page are impressed by it (“wow, people leave them a lot of comments!”).
  • Those interested choose to follow you! All of their friends are exposed to your page thanks to a them following you.
  • The number of followers and likes on posts increases naturally.
  • Likes = Facebook page exposure!

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