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Get more YouTube views and improve your channel’s overall look:

One of the most effective ways to expose the target audience to your activity is to share videos.

Thankfully, there’s a platform you may have heard about – YouTube, which allows you to share your video content for free.

As you may also already know, the content you produce, film and invest in is pointless without an “applause” – likes, Shares and subscribers to your page.

מה הסרט? כך תשיגו יותר צפיות ביוטיוב!

On YouTube you can share promotional videos and product videos, lectures, tutorials and of course – music videos.

Are you wondering how to get more views for your YouTube videos? We have got the answer for you!

YouTube Views – Why Should They Interest You?

To answer the question, we ask you to step into the shoes of the viewer for a moment.

When entering YouTube, you are being offered to watch a video called “Lose 10 pounds in just one month!”.

This video was uploaded five years ago and has 504 views.

You can probably guess that you won’t be in a rush to watch the recommendations in the video, and beyond –

It’s not at all certain that you will devote your time to watching it. The reason: the low amount of views.

Does low number of views necessarily indicate poor quality content? The answer may surprise you, but it is a no. Where’s the problem then?

YouTube users sort and evaluate content based on the number of views:

  • Videos that aren’t promoted and have a low number of views get almost completely ignored.
  • “it has only 200 views? I won’t waste my time watching this content”.
  • The user watched the video anyway? It is not certain that they will hurry to contact the speaker / business, enter the home site or subscribe to the page. (“The video only has a few views. I don’t know how reliable and serious this business is …”).
  • Bottom line: The number of views affects the way the user / potential customer perceives you.

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Here’s How to Get More Views on YouTube with GetBoost – Why do You Need it Too?

YouTube is a huge video library!

Like you, there are other businesses that want their content to reach as many viewers as possible. A boost for your video view count gives it a good starting point:

Instead of dozens of views – hundreds or thousands of views! The video promotion boost creates a chain reaction that may increase your video’s views. How does it work?

  • You made a video promotion and now have lots of YouTube views on your video!
  • Users’ interpretation of high view counts = quality and interesting content (“if a lot of users watched this content, there’s probably something good there”).
  • More and more users are coming in, watching and responding to your content.
  • The number of views increase organically, engagement is higher and your page gets extensive exposure.

A little tip from us: To increase the number of views naturally, adopt the following tips:

  • Share a link to the video on Facebook and Instagram.
  • If you have a mailing list – distribute it in the newsletter.
  • Share the video on the homepage of your website.

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