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Should I Use an App for Increasing the Followers on Instagram?

Why do You Need an App for Increasing Followers on Instagram?אפליקציה להעלאת עוקבים באינסטגרם

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks of our time, as well as constantly generating and promoting new ideas. By properly advertising your account or business on this platform, you can earn millions of dollars, bring big profits to your business, increase brand awareness, and so on.

Which Instagram Followers Increasing App to Choose?

Instagram page promotion software and apps are becoming more popular every day.
This topic interests business owners who have seen the opportunity to promote themselves and advertise their services on social media. Others act out of curiosity and/or want to gain popularity and make money out of it. Many are also driven by the love for blogging and a desire to be heard.
And where else to advertise yourself if not on Instagram?

4 Key Ways for Increasing אפליקציה להעלאת עוקבים באינסטגרםYour Instagram Followers Count

1. Bots.

This is a fairly well-known and outdated way of attracting followers. Bots attract “dead” accounts to your page that do not participate in its activity in any way.
Also, using them can get your account blocked. Instagram has a limitation on the activities that any account can perform on a single day, which greatly complicates the use of bots.
Instagram is constantly changing its algorithms and is able to detect suspicious activity and block the account.

2. Mass Following (Using Special Software).

This is a more common way to attract followers on Instagram. With it you can get not only an increase in the number of followers, but also real customers.
Automated promotion involves the use of special services and programs, with the opportunity to target by age, gender, geography and interests.
By paying for Instagram page promotion sites or by purchasing a subscription to apps that promote on Instagram, you can significantly increase the number of “live” followers and attract potential customers who are actually interested in your services.

3. Perform Tasks on Websites.

This is another popular way to attract new followers to your Instagram page.
Completing tasks on sites – you have to complete different tasks (for example, like, share), for which points are given, that you can invest in making your own tasks, through which other participants in the system will follow you or like your posts.

4. Giveaways.

Here the audience is drawn through a competition with valuable prizes. Most often, raffle participants are required to follow certain accounts or perform other activities (post stories with tagging of a particular page, tag friends in comments on a particular post, like specific posts). Such actions are a prerequisite for participation in the competition.
The target audience of such lotteries, are usually fans of getting free stuff, who most often than not disappear from your followers after the end of the lottery, meaning collecting followers with this method isn’t the most reliable.

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The Best Apps and Programs for Increasing Followers on Instagram

אפליקציה להעלאת עוקבים באינסטגרםGenerally, apps and programs for increasing Instagram followers aren’t free, but provide users with a trial period (3-7 days).


Universal global Instagram promotion service. The system automatically “likes” and follows a potential customer on behalf of your Instagram account.
Customers receive a message and enter your page. In case the users find the content on your Instagram interesting, they will follow the page.
The software is accessible for use on any device (mobile, tablet, computer),


A service that uses science for marketing and ensures a stream of only “live” followers to your Instagram page.
The software uses advanced algorithms by copying human behavior. Thus, software developers ensure the security of your account.
Gramista allows users to rent their services for only a day or three.


An app that promotes and increases followers on various social networks. The idea is to attract real users to the Instagram account or to a page on another social network (Facebook, Twitter, etc.).
In terms of service cost, there are plenty of subscription options to suit different budgets.

Falcon Social

A software that offers automation for Instagram. The idea is that anyone who decides to hire them can get a certain number of followers a week.
People can target their audience according to their needs.
For example, you can set to receive fans from a certain country or by a certain gender. This app isn’t the cheapest alternative, but it assures its customers a rapidly growing audience.
Also, in order to attract “live” followers on Instagram to succeed, it’s important to fill the profile correctly, to upload original and interesting content.
In addition, hashtags that are chosen correctly play an important role in promoting the Instagram page. In general, a user who works on how to get a lot of followers on Instagram should be well versed in hashtags, geotags, and frequency and time of uploading, and more.

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